Implementation Services

Iraje provides implementation/rollout services for its set of security products. We do this on Fixed Price or T&M models. To view model click below.

Provides completely agentless SSO on any device out of box. No API, Connectors, Adaptors required for SSO. Integrates TACACs devices that are integrated with AD.


Support Services

We have 3 models for customer support:

  • L1 Support
  • L2 Support
  • L3 Support
  • The model for customer support is as below:
    L1 Support – Customer/Partner provided
    L2 Support – Customer/Partner provided
    L3 Support – Iraje provided remotely
    There is a service delivery catalogue given to the customer with clear scope covered as part of L1, L2 and L3 support.


    Training Services

    Customer can subscribe to Iraje Product training services. Customer needs to schedule the required services and Iraje Engineer will deliver the training.

    Training is the key to customer success and training customer resources continuously is very important.


    Certification Programs

    Iraje offers 3 levels of certification.

  • 101 Certification
  • 201 Certification
  • 301 Certification
  • 101 Certification: This is introduction to the product and with this level of training, user will be able to use the Iraje Product comfortably. This is meant for users who have started or about to start using Iraje products. This is beginner level training.
    201 Certification: This training is for users who have used an Iraje Product for over 1 year and would like to become an expert on the product as a user or as an admin. This training is meant only for experienced professionals.
    301 Certification: This training is for users who have already cleared 201 certification and want to be expert trainers on Iraje Products. This training is only after 2 years of using the Iraje Products. This certification will allow the user to be and expert on the PIM product and certify him to train other users as well.


    Premium Support

    This is for customers who are using the Iraje Products extensively and who need real time support on Iraje Products. This model provides various options:

    Onsite support on need basis for severity 1 cases
    ⦁ Dedicated L3 remote support on priority basis for severity 1 cases
    ⦁ Minor enhancements that require customizations
    ⦁ Migration and reimplementation to be done during the year
    ⦁ Support during Audits

    World Wide Support

    Iraje provides SLA based support to its customers worldwide. Trained and certified consultants are also supporting customers worldwide. Typical SLA based support model is as below:

    Severity levels Customer impact criteria
    S1 Critical service impact
    Issue critically affects the primary business service, major application, or mission critical system. Customer resources should be available and willing to work on a 24x7 basis with us to resolve the issue. Characteristics of a Severity 1 issue include:
    • Business service is not operational
    • Production system crashes
    • Data integrity at risk
    S2 Significant Service or Implementation Impact
    The business service, major application, or system is seriously affected or implementation stopped. No acceptable workaround is available.
    S3 Moderate Service Impact
    The business service, major application, or system is moderately impacted, no data has been lost, and the business service, application, or system is still functioning. The issue may be temporarily circumvented using an available workaround.
    S4 No Service Impact
    Non-critical issues, general questions, enhancement requests, or documentation issues.

    There are 3 support models available:
    This model provides SLA based onsite and offsite support with resources deployed to provide 24*7 support to customers.
    This model provides onsite and offsite business hour support with resources deployed at customer/our sites.
    This model provides remote support through email and phone as part of AMC bought by existing customers.

    Module Platinum Gold Silver
    Support hours 24*7 Busniess hours Business hours
    Onsite/Offsite Yes Yes Remote Only
    Fixed Price or T&M T&M & Fixed Price T&M & Fixed Price Fixed Price
    Pricing Separately priced Separately priced Comes standard along with our products